Journey of the Scarlet Heart  LbNA # 13206

OwnerJoan and Ross    
Placed DateJan 23 2005
LocationSalisbury, NC
Found By Ms_Mom
Last Found Aug 8 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 14 2015

Start on Rt. 70 or Statesville Blvd. in Salisbury, NC. Turn onto Hurley School Road, travel .7 of a mile to Salisbury Communiity Park. Follow the lane when you enter the park straight to the end where you will see a sign for the Lake. You'll take the paved path to the left. You'll travel the winding trail such as life, you'll pass the peer which will allow you a place to rest from your troubles. The next obsticale is the dam. As you cross over it, think about your problems being under you feet. You're above them. As you cross the dam to the other side step off the path, walk straight ahead 60 steps to the one that has stood for years with it's boughs serving as protection from the storms of life. Go to it's right, you will see an opening in it's trunk. We hope your day will be better than yesterday. God Bless You. Enjoy the park. (-: