Lobsta Lady's Personal Traveler  LbNA # 13237

OwnerLobsta Lady        
Placed DateJan 26 2005
Location???, CT
Found By???
Last UpdateSep 24 2008


Lobsta Lady's Personal Traveler

I am a Living Fossil used in medical research.
I molt my exoskeleton many times, & my tail is called a telson.
Females grow up to 2 ft, & weigh up to 10 lbs.
I live to be 16-17 years old.
My light blue blood is copper based.
90% of my population lives along the mid-Atlantic coast.
Who am I?
If you see me on the trail, or at a gathering, answer this question to get my Personal Traveler stamped into your logbook.

Need a hint? grumpy equine foot wear