Wading Bird  LbNA # 13243 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 27 2005
LocationJasper, TX
Found ByPrattFamily777 (Attempted)
Last UpdateMar 23 2013


Placed: 1/27/2005

Difficulty: Easy

Directions: Martin Dies State Park is on Hwy 190 between Jasper and Woodville. This box is in the Walnut Ridge Unit. Turn onto North Park Road 48 from Highway 190. (right turn if you are coming from Jasper)

CLUES: After paying for entry to the park continue on PR 48, cross the bridge and on the right there is a Nature Trail. Follow that road to the end. Walk across the bridge and turn right to cross another bridge, bigger than the first. Once across the bridge follow the trail til it forks where you will continue left about 35 paces. On the right 10 steps off the trail is a large tree with the top missing. On the back side of this tree, at the base, covered with bark and leaves is the Wading Bird Letterbox.