SuperFrisbee  LbNA # 13245 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 22 2005
LocationBerkeley, CA
Found By lisascenic
Last Found Apr 21 2005
Hike Distance?


The Tragic Tale of SuperFrisbee

Planted by the DynamiteDalys on January 22, 2005

Very easy, short walk over flat (landscaped) terrain

The Bezerkeley Best Pairs Bash frisbee golf tournament was coming up on February 5th and 6th, and SuperFrisbee was determined to be the best of the best. One fine day (a sunny weekend day, when the park was pleasantly full of families, disc golfers and dogwalkers), SuperFrisbee zoomed on down to Aquatic Park to strut his stuff and give the course a onceover. At the parking area at the end of Bolivar Drive, SuperFrisbee hovered. He glanced with disdain at the busy playground to his left. He was no mere plaything for tots. Instead he headed towards the water to his right and found himself on the concrete pad serving as the first tee for the course. “This is where players pick up a map,” he thought, “When there is one (which is not very frequently).” No matter. SuperFrisbee didn’t need no stinkin’ map. He was too cool for maps. He cruised along the water’s edge, passing a curious tree that looked just like a bench where a weaker creature might pause for a rest. He saw basket #1 uphill to his left, but he veered away from the paved path headed in that direction and kept on flying along the water. He thought about ducking through the large cement pipe near #18 for a thrill, but decided to skip it ("You never know how clean a spot like that will be in a Bezerkeley city park," he thought). Instead, he raced ahead and sped through a larger natural tunnel created by the low-hanging branches of a tree at the water’s edge. The tree seemed to reach out for him, but SuperFrisbee just laughed. “As if!” he taunted the grasping tree. (Famous last words, SuperFrisbee, famous last words.) Now he came to a small stream. He could fly easily across, but humans used beams put in place just for that purpose (or they went slightly upstream to the paved pathway). On the other side of the stream, he continued to speed along the water, spinning through the air with glee. He crossed the #4 “tee” (really just a cement pad in the ground). “Aha!” thought SuperFrisbee, “That must be basket #4 slightly uphill ahead, just past the picnic tables.” And on another day, it might have been. But on this particular day, with the course configured for the tournament, it was not. Poor SuperFrisbee. Although he was fleet, he was hardly brainy. Distracted by the course change, he floated absentmindedly along the paved path in front of him. And about 70 paces later (by human standards, that is), he was snatched out of the air by a crazy multi-branched tree on the side of the path away from the water (a cousin of the tree he had taunted, as it turns out). Tucked away in the crook of the tree on the uphill side, he would never again fly free. The tournament would pass him by as he lay trapped in the tree. (And so will the many joggers, walkers, et al who use this path if you will make sure the coast is clear before you check his hiding spot and rehide him carefully when you’re through!)