Sno Angel  LbNA # 13253

OwnerLindsays Snowman    
Placed DateJan 30 2005
LocationCincinnati, OH
Found By pianodr
Last Found Aug 11 2010
Hike Distance?

Pioneer’s Cemetery

Pioneer’s Cemetery is located across from Air 10 Executive Terminal (was Midwest Jet Service) at Lunken Airport. Park in the parking lot next to the cemetery. Park Hours are 6 am – 10 pm.

Start at the Ohio Historical sign noting the site of Columbia, the first settlement in Hamilton County. It is also noted that Benjamin Stites and 26 men and women from New Jersey founded the town of Columbia on November 18, 1788. On the other side of the historical sign it is also noted that this was the site of the Columbia Baptist Cemetery in 1792.

Walk up the cement steps to the prominent column commemorating “The First Boatload.” Find the side commemorating the Columbia Baptist Church. Walk east for 19 paces (2 steps/pace) and visit with Benjamin Stites, who “……is entitled to the credit of being the originator of the settlement of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.” He was also a soldier in the American Revolution.

Now go to the nearby light post and stand on the adjacent cement/metal slab. Walk 19 paces in the direction of 200 degrees to another concrete slab. Look in the direction of 200 degrees, where you will see a tree with 3 old tombstones immediately to its left. Go to that tree and look for a fourth old tombstone that is being cuddled by the tree and Sno Angel.

Please cover well.

Please contact the placer when you find Sno Angel.

Lindsay’s Snowman