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Thank You  LbNA # 1326 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 30 2001
LocationMansfield, CT
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Oct 3 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 3 2015

Here's our 4th letterbox!
New letterbox planted August 30, 2001 in Mansfield, CT, Tolland County
Thank-You Letterbox Short and easy, 1/2 hour or less.
Planted on August 30, 2001 by Larry Boy, Dino Boy, Baby Brother Bear, Charger, Mama Duck and Gramma Gramma.

This box is placed as a special thank-you. You’ll have to go find it to figure out who!

From the junction of routes 32 and 44 in Mansfield take 44 east past the old Mansfield Training School, now the UConn Depot Campus. Take a right on Bone Mill Road just after the greenhouse. Take your first right to the Depot Campus (go on paved road, not dirt). Take your first left onto Witryol Place. There will be a big blue sign that says Extended and Continuing Education. Park in the parking lot there. Face the red door. Over this door is the name of the county you are now it. Take the paved walk to the left of the building. Pass a bench and a statue of two children. What are they holding in their hands? Stay straight proceeding around the back of Vernon and Hebron. At the back of Hebron travel left along the tree line from the sidewalk at the corner of the building for 60 paces (left foot count) to a small trail in the woods. Following the trail for 3 paces you will see a small pile of rocks. At 7 paces turn west to stone wall. Your prize rest behind a stone door in the stone wall. Continue on the trail for a nice walk in the woods or head back to your car.