Peace & Ivy  LbNA # 13260 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 29 2005
CountySan Francisco
LocationSan Francisco, CA
Found By Eclipse Tuliphead
Last Found Mar 4 2006
Hike Distance?

1. Traveling south on Diamond Heights Blvd. turn right on Duncan past St Nicholas Church on the corner.
2. Turn left on Amber and go down the hill.
3. Turn left on Turquoise.
4. Turn left on dirt path before first house on left.
5. Proceed straight in to Glen Canyon; take a quick break on the wooden bench on the left of path.
6. To your left is a path going up; do not take that one. In front of you are a few short trees. To the left of the third tree is a path over a bunch of roots. That's the one you want!
7. Follow the path along the rim of the canyon. Take in the lovely view.
8. Follow stairs / path / stairs / path down into the canyon. Make sure to go right at the sewer cap.
9. Follow the trail left but donít take the first concrete path to the left, stay on the dirt path traveling toward some big rocks.
10. Continue straight past the rock along the trail. Donít go up to the right, continue straight.
11. Suddenly there are a lot of path choices, donít worry take any you want but go right at the biggest rock.
12. Take a break up on the giant rock. Enjoy the new perspective. Maybe you can already hear the creek we are leading you to.
13. Get off the rock and go down the steps closeby.
14. At the bottom of the steps there is a path into the trees; donít turn right or left. Proceed straight and smell the eucalyptus.
15. Your letter box lives close to the bridge.
16. Cross the bridge over the creek, see the tree that grows across the path, follow the limb into the ivy and grope below for the letterbox.