Discovery Series  LbNA # 13266

Placed DateJan 30 2005
LocationRoberts, ID
Found By La Lööna
Last Found Oct 11 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 11 2015

This is a somewhat interesting area that I did not know about until I found it this morning. I was doing a presentation for work and went exploring afterword. I happened to have a couple of letterboxes in my car that needed planting, so when I found these spots, I couldn't resist. I wasn't able to go very far from the road though. I'm sure I was quite the sight, treking out in two or three feet of snow in a skirt and heels! Since it was a spur of the moment decision, I don't have compass bearings and some directions may change a bit as snow melts, but you shouldn't have any problem finding the boxes still. I will try to adjust the clues some as winter leaves. Also, take note that this is a hunting area, so you will want to take appropriate cautions during hunting season.

From the Roberts Exit on I-15, follow the signs to the Market Lake Wildlife Management Area. (Just FYI, there is a fork in one of the main roads that gets you out there. Stay on the road that forks to the right.) The wildlife area is just a few miles from the exit. When you get to the intersection of 800 N and 2900 E, you'll see a brown sign directing you to several marsh areas. Turn right toward East Springs Marsh and the area headquarters. 800 N dead ends at 2900 E, turn left there and begin marking your miles.

Difficulty: fairly easy drive-by
(hint: pace = 2 steps)

Discovery Series Box 1:
Go down the road about 1.2 miles, passing a couple of right hand bends in the road on the way. You will pass a turnoff on the right side of the road just at the beginning of some "S" curves in the road. As you are coming out of those curves, you'll pass the next turnoff on the right. Right after that look for an unusual rock formation, 40-50 feet in on the right side, standing guard near the river bank (the bank isn't as visible from the road). Go to the edge of the rock formation on the left side (I think it is the East side).

Look up toward the lower groupings of rocks lining the bank of the river. There is a large tree on the other side of the bank. If you look toward this, it should put two rocks that are sticking out a bit into that same line of view. Those two rocks are about 12-13 paces from the taller rock formation. The letterbox is hidden between the two rocks in the crevice formed on the back side. It is under one of the rocks with smaller ones hiding the spot a bit.

Discovery Series Box 2:
This box is located about 1/10 of a mile up the road from box one. It is on the left side of the road. Pass the formation that is right along the road and is made of two rock formations right by each other. Just after that is another rock formation. The letterbox is hidden toward the right hand side of the formation. There are two larger rocks that stick out from the base of the larger foundation. There is a hole behind those in the larger formation with a smaller rock covering the hole. The letterbox is in there.

If there are any problems with the letterboxes, please let me know and I will fix them. Happy hunting!