Lil Redneck Riding Hood  LbNA # 13281

Placed DateMar 12 2003
LocationCentral VA, VA
Found By Ivy's League
Last Found Jul 28 2008
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by Lake Womyn on 3/12/2003. Adopted by BobCat Crew in 2004. Adopted by EllBee 12/22/2010 and restored to mystery status.

History (by BobCat Crew):

Little Red Riding Hood was originally placed by the LA Womyn a couple of years ago as a mystery box. It was then called Little Redneck Riding Hood and had a clever story to go with it. I went looking and couldn’t find the box.

Well, fast forward to 2004. I was back box hunting in the general vicinity of where I knew the box was, and decided to try again. My husband found the box! (We must give credit where credit is due!) Only one other person had stamped in, and they had found the box by accident.

When I went to look the box up on the LBNA site, the clues were no longer there. After trying to contact the placers to no avail, I decided to put new clues up and post it as a regular box. I didn't have the original mystery story. When the clues originally came out, our printer was broken, so I didn't copy down the whole story.

A very nice letterboxer from MD sent me the original clues and I have posted them here.

If you can't figure the mystery out, you can scroll down past the mystery clues to my new clues.

Lake Womyn's Letterboxes

Lil Redneck Riding Hood

A Mystery Box

Planted by: the TP division (Blanche and Corki) of the LA Womyn

Where: Central Virginia

Difficulty: easy (after a few hills - good cardio workout) - need compass

Length: 1.5 miles

Making sure that you are wearing appropriate apparel, find the state owned recreational property located by a power plant.

Lil Riding Hood (LRRH) forgot to bring her map so make sure not to make the same mistake - pick up a map at the entrance. To pick up her trail you must make your way to the Big Bad Woods.

LRRH was on her way to her Granny's house beyond the Big Bad Woods. She was bringing her Granny some collards and fresh baked corn bread for dinner. Granny has been a triflin' lately and momma always told her that greens are good for what ails ya.

Trying to make her way quickly, LRRH hurries along - she was askeard of the spooky woods. She had heard tales of the big bad wolf (lions, tigers and bears, oh my!) and bad, bad things that happened to little girls who tarried in the woods.

LRRH came up on a crossroads of 3 signs. As she was tard, so tard, she sat on the bench a munchin' on a bit of the corn bread. The sun was behind the clouds so she couldn't figure what direction was what and she was askeard that she mightin a lost her way so she got out her compass to ponder her path. The greens was getting cold and mamma told her to get Granny's supper to her afore ittin cooled off - nothin worse than cold collards.

She noticed a path at 135 degrees. She dashed off to the SE - afraid she wouldn't be able to make it there and back before dark. Her momma always told her that it ain't no good for a young gal such as herself to be out in the wilds after dark. You never know whats behind all them bushes and trees.

As she wandered down the path she kept looking over her shoulder thinking she was being watched - it was so, so quiet. She was walking along kicking stones when she glanced up to her right. "Oh my", she said with a startle, "This is the old haunted potter's field that my momma warned me about!" LRRH had heard the tales of the misfortunate folks who had wandered up on this place right about twilight time. "I must get agoin", she thought.

Little does she know but Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Wolf has seen her and smelled her and her Granny's meal acoming. He gets prepared for her arrival. He's already stashed Granny down at the Smoke House. Tied her up good and put a sock in her mouth. He put Granny's nite clothes on and climbed into her bed.

LRRH comes upon two little wee old folks a sitting around the fireplace smoking their corn cob pipes, a pickin' and a grinnin', a laughin' and a cacklin'. She asked these two characters if they know the whereabouts of her granny. They seem not to hear her but one of them points to 160 degrees and the other points to 150 - they're just too busy playing the juice harp and blowing the jug, stampin their feet and slappin their thighs and smoking them nasty pipes.

She approaches Granny's bed very, very slowly on tip toes. It seems that Granny has the quilts pulled up to her ears. All she can see is Granny's night cap and two very shiny, feverish eyes. "Well, that certainly is peculiar," thinks LRRH to herself.

"Granny, granny, are you okay your eyes look so bright?" she asks.

"Oh yes, my little one, come closer so I can see you."

LRRH tiptoes about 25 paces towards who she thought must be her Granny. Who else would be in Granny's bed wearing Granny's silly night gown and hat? "Gee, Granny, you sure sound funny! I carried you some greens and corn bread from the house for your supper."

"Bring them closer my sweet so I can smell them", says the imposter Granny.

All of sudden LRRH gets really, really spooked - the little hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She knows this just ain't right - she's heard this story before. "Granny, you sure sound funny."

"Oh just you never mind and bring me them vittles", says imposter Granny.

Just before she gets to Granny's bed she stashes her supper basket out of sight - she knows something is very, very wrong. She looks up to her left just as the Big Bad Vodoo Daddy Wolf springs from the bed. She turns and runs back down a shoutin' and a screamin' to the trail, just narrowly getting away.

Big Bad Vodoo Daddy Wolf just misses LRRH but smells the basket. Oh it smells so good. Little girls are one thing but you can't beat fresh cornbread and greens. It takes him awhile but he finds where she carefully stashed the basket out of sight.