Grindstone  LbNA # 13286

OwnerJenny J    
Placed DateJan 25 2005
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By nedhead
Last Found Apr 18 2009
Hike Distance?

A pace = approx. 22”

Directions: This letterbox is hidden at Grindstone Creek Nature Area. From Kansas City or St. Louis, take I-70 to Columbia. At Columbia take Hwy. 63 south to the 740/Stadium Blvd. exit. Turn right and go west to the Old Hwy. 63 intersection. Turn left and go south for .4 mile to the Grindstone Creek Nature Area on the west side of the road.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate. The creek and landscape subtleties are much more apparent in the winter. In summer, paths, signs, etc. may be hidden by lush plant life. Long pants and insect repellent are recommended during “bug season.”

Notes: The Grindstone Creek Trail links to several other Columbia trails. In the Grindstone area there are a number of “leash free” spots off the gravel path for trail users to let their dogs romp freely.

Clue: From the parking lot begin your hunt on the trail. Cross over the iron bridge and continue. As you walk, you’ll pass a bench on your right. Keep on walking as the trail twists and turns, echoing the creek’s meandering course. After about 7 to 8 minutes of walking at a moderate pace, there will be two signs on the east side of the trail. (Note: When the grasses and wildflowers are tall, these signs will be more difficult to spot. Be observant!)These signs explain the efforts made to reduce stream bank erosion and slow flood waters. (When you get home, look up the word “RIPARIAN” in your dictionary!)
Just beyond these signs, the trail makes an elbow turn and heads west. At the “bend in the elbow” there is a smaller trail leading south toward the creek. This trail is edged with stones on one side. Go down this trail until you reach the “low” spot. Stop and look east (to your left). A trio of guardians stands about 12 paces off the path.
Look for a long, flat, narrow creek rock at the base of these woody guardians. Move the rock, brush away the leafy hummus. You have found...not a gemstone..but a grindstone!
After you stamp in, please remember to hide the box carefully again.
Good Luck!