Widow Skimmer  LbNA # 13313 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 4 2005
CountyFort Bend
LocationSugar Land, TX
Last Found Sep 30 2006
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Widow Skimmer

Widow Skimmer Letterbox

Placed By: Birds of a Feather - Change _at_ to @ for valid email
Placement Date: 02/04/2005
Nearest Town: Sugar Land, TX
County: Fort Bend
Difficulty Rating: 1 - What does this mean?
Terrain Rating: 1 - What does this mean?
Recommended Ink: black
Status: Alive on 02/05/2005

The Widow Skimmer letterbox is located in the Joseph S. & Lucie H. Cullinan Park in Sugar Land, Tx. This park is part of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail - Upper Texas Coast Birding Trail (UTC 095)

The importance of Cullinan Park as a habitat island will increase as the city expands along Highway 6 and Oyster Creek. Although buffered by an airport and a correctional facility, civilization rapidly approaches this once out of the way rural park.

One visible impact is the litter in the park. If you can, bring along a plastic bag and pick up trash while you look for the letterbox.

Directions to the Letterbox:
From Houston: travel on west on Interstate 10 to the Hwy 6. Travel South on Hwy 6 for about 7 miles. The park is located on the right side (West). If you pass the Sugar Land Airport or reach Alternate Hwy 90, you have gone too far. From Sugar Land, the park is one mile north on Hwy 6 past Alt Hwy 90.
Enter the park and drive to the parking lot. Checkout the boardwalk and the tower. When you are ready to look for the box, start walking on the sidewalk towards the pavillon. Continue on throught the grass area with picnic tables and find a moved pathway to the Northeast. Follow this path around till it comes to the road. Turn left and begin counting the openings in the curb. When you reach 12, head North for 27 steps to a tree with 3 trunks. There you will find what you seek.


NOTE: Before you begin letterboxing, please read and agree to the following waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

Also always take adequate precautions (such as checking with a stick and/or wearing gloves) before reaching into dark crevasses and holes in the wild.