Winter Fun #4 – Ice Fishing  LbNA # 13315

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateFeb 4 2005
LocationDelafield, WI
Found By punxsygal
Last Found May 11 2016
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedMay 15 2016

Last found/checked: 6-MAY-16 Clues updated.
Time: 30-60 minutes depending on season & trail conditions
Terrain: Boardwalks and trails through woodlands

Start at the county park on Highway 83 just north of I-94. Exit I-94 at the Hwy 83 exit and head north. Watch for the park entrance on the left (west) side of the road. There is a daily fee to enter Waukesha County Parks ($4 in 2016) or you can purchase an annual pass for access to all county parks. After entering the park, follow the main road past Picnic Areas 4 and 5 and then park in the lot near the second entrance hut. If you pass that entrance hut and end on another road, you’ve gone too far.

Hi! My name is Marvin and I’m out here today looking for my buddy Lloyd. He said that a cable TV crew would be here today to film us for a fishing program. Since I don’t have a trailer on my car, I couldn’t park at the boat launching lot. Instead I had to park here and take the boardwalk down to the lake. You can follow me over to the entrance hut and then take the trail that heads northwest into the woods.

This is a downhill walk and once we get to the boat launch parking lot we’ll need to go across it to continue the boardwalk. I see Lloyd’s car here – he brought the shanty over on his trailer. I’m hoping to spot him out on the lake as I walk along the trail. I’d really like to get on that TV show so the cashier at Pick ‘N Save would see me. Maybe she’d go out with me if she saw me on the show. I think she might even like to come out ice fishing sometime.

Well here we are at the overlook landing deck with a railing. I can’t spot Lloyd’s shanty, but I do see some vertical "tree" posts supporting this landing. You might want to look down and count how many there are: _____. Let’s keep circling the shore and see if we can find Lloyd… Oh, here’s the end of the path and I think I see him out on the lake. I’d better head back to the car to get my bait and the beer. As we walk through the beach and playground area, do you notice some spinners? You might want to keep track of how many Recycling symbols are on the spinners: ____.

Well now it’s back up the boardwalk and steps and when we get to the lot, just stay on the south side of the road as you near the parking lot.. Oh-oh, I see Ernie the Moocher! I can’t go to the car to get the beer now, or else he’ll want some of the beer. I don’t think the TV crew is here yet, so I’ll just pretend to be taking a hike with you until Ernie leaves. Keep walking east on the side of the road and after passing a little shed, cross the road to keep following the trail..

Oh, here’s a post with NAG 1 on it. I wonder who would be nagging someone out here. Maybe a math teacher reminding you about some homework? OK, how about you add the number of tree supports and the number of recycling spinners, then multiply by 50: (____ + ____) * 50 = ______. This is our compass bearing to continue on. When you get to another spot to make a decision, head right. When we get to the clearing at the end of this trail, stand at the tree at the end of the trail and take a bearing of 276 degrees. Take 85-95 steps in this direction, counting the grills along the way: _____.

Ah! Here’s a trail back to our destination. Multiply the number of grills by 40 to figure out how many steps to take: ____ * 40 = _______. Then use your compass again to take a bearing of 255 degrees. This is where I need to “take a leak”, so excuse me while I walk in a ways until I get to those fallen trees.

….. wha? YAWWWN!!!! Oh, hi! I must have fallen asleep back here in this cozy hollow between two logs. I’m glad you came back to find me though, since I’ll bet that TV crew is here by now. We’d better hurry back! The trail will get us back to the lot, my car, the beer and the bait. You’re welcome to join us out on the ice and maybe we can teach you a few things about ice fishing…

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