Two Labs & A Box  LbNA # 1334

Placed DateApr 28 2003
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 19 2016
Hike Distance?

Some of you will recognize this day and already know where the box resides. I do of course apologize for the length of time between placing the box and writing the clue.

Difficulty: wasn't made to be easy

Time:could take a while
Distance: depends on how good you are at figuring out mystery boxes.

A long time ago a group of people went ,on a blustery mid-winter day ,in search of treasures beyond imagination and to perhaps place one of their own. Their travels took them down muddy roads and winding paths and the wind chill provided them all with a sense of urgency. With two labrador retrievers in tow, or being towed by, the group set out under blue skies and high hopes. Upon reaching the Bluff, a Point was raised by one member of the group that a paw print from one of the dogs was certainly fitting in their stamp book, even though it wasn't expected. What else could you expect from an over-eager lab that's been locked away in a house all winter that has suddenly come to a beautiful view at Elaine and Jerry's rock? Whitecaps upon wind-tossed waves were the order of the day on the water that day. But, it was okay. The letterboxers ignored the wind. They had business to attend to. Upon exchanging everyone's stamps, the group continued on road in the direction from Elaine and Jerry's rock to the actual E&J Bluff letterbox itself. However, they all knew that this wasn't the end of their day. In fact, it had just begun. Of course, the labs were both eager as well. Simba and Odie were thoroughly enjoying each other's company and were both trusted to be let off leash. Every now and then, other canines would come into view and the doggy friendships grew. Spirits were high and the mood was 'boxious'.

So, continuing in the direction of the governor's mansion with Mumford Cove on their right, the group wondered where indeed they would place their treasure. Searching and searching, finally one of them noticed the purple and orange Sunset while sitting on a Rock. Without much hesitation another member noticed that the outside right edge of a large slab nearby would be a great place to hide a treasure of their own! Dogs were barking, children were laughing, waves were crashing, life was good. A few boxes found and another placed. Now if I could just figure out how to write the clue!