Newport News Park-Wynns Mill Trail  LbNA # 13347

Placed DateFeb 5 2005
LocationNewport News, VA
Found By BirdsOfAFeatherVa
Last Found Jan 31 2016
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Originally planted by Ghostcrabs 2/05 and adopted 9/07 by Leabhar.

The entrance to Newport News Park is on Jefferson Ave (Hwy 143) just south of the Fort Eustis off I-64. There are directions and a printable map of the trails at this link: The park offers many events on weekends so we suggest you look up Newport News Park on the net before you go.
Once at the park, take the park road past the Visitors Center for about a half mile and park at the Discovery Center.

Newport News Park- Wynn's Mill Trail

The Wynns Mill Trail loops off the White Oak Trail. Take a few minutes to check out the trail sign at the reservoir and you'll see what we mean. You must take the White Oak Trail to get to Wynns Mill Trail. If you have not done the 'White Oak Trail' letterboxes then we recommend you print those clues out also. Why not?

If you just want to do the Wynns Mill Trail clues then it will take you 20 minutes to walk down the White Oak Trail to get to the start of the Wynns Mill Trail, and about 1 hour to find these 4 boxes.

If you are doing both trails then use these clues after finding White Oak Trail boxes 1 - 4.

If you decide to do both trails you will not by-pass any boxes. Both trails combined will take about 2-3 hours to find all 8 boxes.

Baby joggers and strollers will do just fine on all the trails, but there are roots and some muck you'll need to detour. Keep an eye out for snakes!! They are common in this part of the park and they like to hide in the same sorts of places that boxes do.

Have fun!

Box #1 - "MILL WHEEL"

After following the White Oak Trail for awhile you will come upon two benches and several trail signs. Here is where you will switch trails to the Wynns Mill Trail. Cross the larger path and head onto the Wynn Mills Trail (obviously a path less traveled). Soon you cross a wooden footpath #17 and come to a bench on your right. Behind the bench is a stump among fallen and cut trees. Box #1 is behind the stump, protected by the bow of a lichen covered log. Please rehide carefully!

Box #2 - "STUMP"

Continue on the trail and cross another wooden footpath, #16. Just a few yards past #16 footpath is a super giant tree stump on your right. Box #2 is under the part of the tree that fell to create this stump. Poke around first! Snakes are common in this part of the park.


From The Stump to Earthworks the path looks less worn at times, but is still wide, and you'll begin to see more and more civil war earthworks on your right. The path should eventually take you between the Earthworks and between two big pine trees. (If you come upon a park service access road then you missed the big pine trees). Follow the 'Wynns Mill Earthworks' sign. (You are now half way around the loop). (You will now be walking through hundreds of feet of Civil War Earthworks. Amazing!) You will pass a bench on your left and soon after that the path will make a 90 degree turn to the left. Stop here, don't turn, but instead look to the right for bring you to a large fallen tree that is down among many other fallen trees. (Yes we know...there are lots of fallen trees in here). This tree has a distinct bow in its trunk. Go under or over the droopy fallen tree and pace 7-10 steps. There on your left is a small hollow log. Look behind for box #3. TICK CITY!

Box #4 - "FALLEN TREE" - Replanted 1/24/09

You can now take the left turn and continue on. Pass an observation deck. Pass a bench on your right. Now heading down a slope you'll see a swamp or beautiful green foliage on your left. There are two long fallen trees laying side by side on your right. Behind the first root-ball is box #4.

Continue on the Wynns Mill Trail and over a small wooden foot bridge and then to the White Oak Trail. Take the long wooden foot bridge to your left to get to box #5 of the "White Oak Letterboxes" and/or take you back to the parking lot.

If you were doing both letterbox trails guess what? Yes...switch to the White Oak Clues now.