Deer Park Pokemon  LbNA # 13352 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 15 2005
LocationFairfax, CA
Last Found Mar 12 2005
Hike Distance?

It was a dark and foggy February Fairfax Friday. The wild Caterpie Pokemon who had a secret house in Deer Park went on a walk to train it’s Pokemon. A Pokemon named Poochyena went with him. They walked down the Deer Park Fire Road, passing all kinds of humans, bicycles, dogs, and a horse. In about 10 minutes, they came to the base of a hill that the fire road ascended. They went up the hill and Caterpie had to run to keep up. They went back and forth up some switchback. After walking for about ten minutes, they came to a place where four trails intersect the fire road. There were two wooden posts which mark the spot. They saw a Wild Pokemon called a Mankey. The Mankey called them scardey-cats, and started running down a trail to the right; the one the sign points to and says “Junction Tr.” They ran about 75 paces. On the left was a gully with a scraggly looking tree. The Mankey hid a treasure in a box behind the tree. See if you can find it.

Then, the Caterpie continued to chase the Mankey – getting really close now. The Mankey still had one more treasure. He ran a little farther down the trail. If you walk down about two minutes, you will come to an outcropping of rocks. At this spot, the Mankey did something tricky; he ran past the rock, and, while blocked from view of the Caterpie, he ran back up the little trail that leads back up onto the rock outcrop. The Mankey hid his last treasure behind a shrub at the top of the rock outcrop and ran on to freedom, while the Caterpie continued down the hill back to the parking lot. See if you can find the second treasure before you, too, head for the parking lot.

But wait; there's more! If you keep following this little trail down the hill, it will intersect with the fire road, again. Going to the left will take you back to the parking lot. But, if you are feeling really adventurous, cross the fire trail, and pass the sign that warns of mountain lions. Go about 30 yards, looking for a tree to the right that has 7 trunks emerging from the ground. THe tree is about 30 feet off the trail. Check out the area at the bottom of the trunk, behind the tree, and you will find a bonus box.

Good hunting, Poke Pals!