Scooby Doo Mystery #1  LbNA # 13353 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 30 2005
LocationFulton, MO
Found By RandomChimp
Last Found Jun 19 2008
Hike Distance?

* 4/02/09 Series pulled. After 4 years two have gone missing I fear to improper re-hideation. Always completely re-hide found boxes. better to get dirty fingers than have boxes disapear. Will post when series is refurbished and replanted

Like come on gang! Grab an extra box of Scooby Snacks and jump into the Mystery Machine. Thereís a mystery to be solved! Find the whole gang and solve the mystery too!

For this search youíll need paper and pencil to jot down the extra clues to solve the mystery.

The Scooby Doo Mystery series are located in Fulton Missouri, on the Stinson Creek trail. The trail is paved, but you may encounter a few muddy spots if thereís been rain recently. Altogether youíll be traveling about two miles, one way. The trail has some really nice areas, but also travels through a bit of Fultonís more impoverished areas as well. Donít think the area around the trail is indicative of Fulton. Fulton has a rich historical past with many old beautiful homes and buildings. Donít leave Fulton without driving down Court Street to see some of the beautiful old homes and historic downtown district. On both ends of the trail, especially the far end, there is ample opportunity for viewing wildlife. Birding is popular near the beginning while deer and turkey may be spotted on the far end.

The Scooby Doo Mystery series is 5 LBs total, all spread along the trail. Donít miss the additional clues in each to solve the mystery. Each box builds on the directions from the previous one. That is, find #1, then youíll head to #2 and so on. Theyíre a progressive LB series if you will.

A pace equals 2 full steps. So say you step with your right foot, when your left foot lands, thatís one pace. Right steps, left steps and lands, thatís another pace.

Thereís a little bonus for the first three people who solve the mystery!

From most anywhere come into Fulton at the Hwy F exit and head east down hill. Just past the entrance to the hospital (on you right) will be a small road heading only north about halfway down the hill. This will be Hickman Ave.. Take it to the first stop sign, then through. McIntire will shortly be on your right.

The beginning of Stinson Creek Trail is located behind McIntire Elementary school at 706 Hickman Avenue, in Fulton. Thereís no sign on the road, but drive past the main entrance of the school and at the end of the brick building a small drive goes between it and a large mobile classroom. Just behind the mobile classroom is a small parking lot and the beginning of the trail.

For Scooby Doo Mystery LB #1, begin with you back to the Stinson Creek Trail sign, facing down the trail. Head down the trail 38 paces. On your left youíll find some pretty thick woods inhabited by a band of wild groundhogs. In the spring these chaps swarm the area. To the left, in the woods, youíll see a large tree with two blunted arms facing the water tower. The limb you seek is to the right of this tree. Go left into the tree line 8 paces and youíll find a large forked limb laying on the ground. The two forks face the trail. In the crux of this limb youíll find the Scooby Doo Series #1 LB under several stones.

*Update 4/03/05. The hollow tree which held the bonus box has fallen over, but is still visible. The box is burried under rubble where the tree stood.

PSA: No Letterbox should suffer from improper re-hideation! Please Re-Hide with care.

*Second Annual Mid-MO Spring LB Gathering is fast approaching on May 6th. for more information contact me or take a peek at two articles on C2B2's blog.