Scooby Doo Mystery #2  LbNA # 13354 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 30 2005
LocationFulton, MO
Found By RandomChimp
Last Found Jun 19 2008
Hike Distance?

* 4/02/09 Series pulled. After 4 years two have gone missing I fear to improper re-hideation. Always completely re-hide found boxes. better to get dirty fingers than have boxes disapear. Will post when series is refurbished and replanted

Like come on gang! Grab an extra box of Scooby Snacks and jump into the Mystery Machine. There’s a mystery to be solved! Find the whole gang and solve the mystery too!

For this search you’ll need paper and pencil to jot down the extra clues to solve the mystery. A compass capable of taking bearings may help on the later boxes, too.

The Scooby Doo Mystery series are located in Fulton Missouri, on the Stinson Creek trail. The trail is paved, but you may encounter a few muddy spots if there’s been rain recently. On both ends of the trail, especially the far end, there is ample opportunity for viewing wildlife. Birding is popular near the beginning while deer and turkey may be spotted on the far end.

The Scooby Doo Mystery series are 5 LBs total, all spread along the trail. Don’t miss the additional clues in each to solve the mystery. Each box builds on the directions from the previous one. That is, find #1, then you’ll head to #2 and so on. They’re a progressive LB series if you will.

A pace equals 2 full steps. So say you step with your right foot, when your left foot lands, that’s one pace. Right steps, left steps and lands, that’s another pace.

There’s a little bonus for the first three people who solve the mystery!

Return to the trail once you’ve re-hidden Scooby Doo Series #1. Continue down the trail, away from the parking lot. Shortly you’ll pass over and under a bridge. Just past here you’ll find stairs that lead up and down. Take them up 12 steps, across a small landing and up 43 more. Go left 24 paces across the rear of the gymnasium. You should be next to the end of a retaining wall with a red railing on it. From here head straight into the bushes 5 paces, down over a small knoll. You’ll find three pieces of old drain tile (pipe). You’ll find #2 in one of them.

PSA: No Letterbox should suffer from improper Re-Hidation! Please Re-Hide with care.