Land's End Letterbox Series *boxes 2 and 3 missin  LbNA # 13364 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 6 2005
CountySan Francisco
LocationSan Francisco, CA
Found By Christophe and Tara
Last Found Aug 3 2007
Hike Distance?

*** Update 1/11/06: I replaced box 2 and it has gone missing again. And box 3 is now gone, along with the entire bench that it was hidden under! Box 1 is still there, however, remarkably dry and undisturbed. It makes a great find, especially as a tack-on to the newer Ed Was Here series which is very nearby.***
*** Update 7/11/05: multiple reports that box #2 is missing. Boxes 1 and 3 still in original locations.***

Land’s End Letterbox Series. Placed by Ganache, Galette, Gateaux and the Kiwi.

Description: About a 2-hour hike. Lots of uphill stairs in parts. Uneven and potentially muddy terrain.

Begin at the Palace of Legion of Honor at the north end of Legion of Honor Drive. Enter the courtyard where The Thinker sits pensively. Count the number of Corinthian columns flanking the entrance to the museum and write this number down here: _____. Count the number of Ionic columns lining the interior of the courtyard and write this number down here: _____.

Exit the courtyard and turn left. Proceed down the stairs to the lower parking area at the side of the museum. At the bottom of the stairs you will see a group of trees directly in front of you. One of them has an arrow spray painted on it. Proceed in this direction.

When you reach the very end of the parking area, proceed down the El Camino del Mar Trail. Continue along the path until you hit a wooden footbridge. After crossing the footbridge, take the number of steps equal to three times the number of Corinthian columns.

Now you will see a big tree on your left. Go behind it and rummage around the ivy to find your first letterbox. Please rehide well.

Continue down the trail. Proceed to the right down some steps, cross another footbridge, and go down some more steps. When you reach the Coastal Trail, head to your right. The trail rises sharply uphill soon after.

Eventually you will see a Caution sign and a fork in the road. From the sign, take the right fork. Walk the number of steps equal to the number of Ionic columns.

On your left you will see two felled logs forming a “V.” Search for your second letterbox there. Please be discreet and rehide well.

Now turn around to face downhill. Take a moment to enjoy the ocean view. Go down the hill and turn right when you hit the Caution sign again.

You will see steps that go down to Mile Rock Beach. Although there is no letterbox to be found down there, it can make for a nice diversion.

Proceed along the main trail. At one point you will have to go up many, many steps. Take your time; enjoy the view and your company. Continue on the Coastal Trail for another 20 minutes or so, until you emerge from the woods.

As you are leaving the wooded area, you will see a red wooden ramp and platform. Go there. Search on the platform and the adjoining staircase until you find the bench dedicated to John C. Scully. Sit on the bench and admire the view. To your right and under the bench you will find the third and final letterbox. This area is typically a high traffic area so please be as discreet as possible when stamping and rehiding.

Go back up the steps to the wooden ramp and continue on the trail as before. After a short distance you will see the back of the main sign for Land’s End. Make a sharp right here and walk up the road to return to the museum.