Broughton's Bluff  LbNA # 13377

OwnerMiles of Monkeys    
Placed DateMar 24 2003
LocationTroutdale, OR
Found By RaqsEnigma
Last Found Feb 21 2009
Hike Distance?

Broughton's Bluff Letterbox
Placed: 8-14-02
Last Checked: 3-24-03
Last Known Status: Alive and Well!
Terrain: Steep, and somewhat rocky, but fairly short
Estimated Time: Half an hour
Note: When I replaced this box in March of 2003, I changed the location of the box. So if you have an old printout of the clues, you might want to update them.

I really wanted to place a box on the top of Broughton's Bluff in Troutdale Oregon, and thought I knew how to get to the top, but when I went out to hike up there, I realized that I didn't know how to get up there! I spent a morning hiking all the trails I could find around Lewis and Clark State Park, but none of them got me to the top. So I placed it on one of these trails near the rock climbing walls.

To the trailhead: Take I-84 east from Portland. Take the exit immediately after the Troutdale exit where the outlet malls are. I can't remember the exit number, but I believe that there is a sign for Lewis and Clark State Park. Park in the L&C parking lot. There are a couple of trails near each other that climb into the trees at the south end of the park. Either one of them will get you to where you need to go.

To the Box: Head up the trail a little ways until you come across the rock-climbing area. First, there will be a rock-climbing wall just off the trail to the left. At this box, the box is lodged between a leaning tree and a rather large rock.


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