Capricon 25  LbNA # 13399

OwnerGibson Girl    
Placed DateJan 11 2005
LocationPostal/Virtual, VIR
Found By Fuzzy bunny
Last Found Apr 8 2010
Hike Distance?

Stamps made with the help of Barefoot Ankh.

These stamps were originally placed at the Capricon 25 Science Fiction convention. Now they are available as a postal/virtual letterbox.

The first letterbox was to introduce people to the science fiction convention by having information and people at the Information Desk. (Was lost within about 6 hours of being placed, but a replacement stamp has been made)

The second letterbox was to introduce the theme of the convention (this information can be found on the Web).

The third letterbox was to introduce my favorite author and the BBC production of one of his books.

Use "Contact Placer" to send the answers to the following questions:
1) If you could only ask one question at the Information Desk, regarding anything, what would it be? (Be creative)
2) What is the theme for Capricon 25?
3) The London Below Party is to celebrate the BBC miniseries production of a book by Neil Gaiman. What book was it? Or name the literary award winning comic book series that was written by Neil Gaiman.

Don't forget to include your name and snail mail or email address so I can send your images to you.