Zodiac: Taurus  LbNA # 13410

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Placed DateFeb 12 2005
LocationPortland, OR
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Taurus: April 21 - May 21. Your ruling planet is Venus. Your color is pink.

This box is in the same area as our Aries box. However, to find this box you need to be familiar with the story of Ferdinand the Bull. He was a friendly bull who just liked to smell the flowers and sit beneath a tree. What kind of tree did he sit beneath? Once you know the type of tree, do an internet search to find out what else these trees are called (another tree name.) Find a trail by that name and find where it intesects with the trail from the Aries clues.

HINT: these trails intersect near the ninth Aries birthstone.

A short distance south of the intersection on the tree named trail, you will see a tree on the left side of the trail which provides good shelter in a rainstorm. Reach around behind the tree, and feel under the leaves.