The Question - Part One  LbNA # 13411 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 10 2005
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By TP
Last Found Aug 12 2006
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 29 2015

ON-HOLD!!! Do not attempt this box as of 7/31/2006. The park rangers found the box and pulled it. Please wait until I can retrieve it and replant. Thank You!



Patti and I have wanted to plant this series of Letterboxes for quite a while now and we finally decided to do it. This series will have quite a few boxes and you will just have to wait to see how many and to find out what the question is. Hopefully, we will have all of them planted before the end of March. We'd love to tell you what it is all about, but you will just have to follow the clues to find out!

This box is an easy level box. It is less than a 10 minute hike on pretty flat ground. Make sure you take your stamp book, stamp pad and something to write with. Since it is winter and the park is pretty open (no leaves for cover), please make sure you are not spotted as this box is a very important piece of this puzzle.

"The Question - Part One" was planted in Blendon Woods Metro Park. Blendon Woods is off State Route 161 on the Northeast side of Columbus. Take I-270 around to State Route 161 East. Go to the Little Turtle Way exit and follow the signs to the park.

Once at the park, follow the entrance road to the Nature Center. At the Nature Center, park at the far end of the parking lot by the trail head. Gather up your stuff, put on your walking shoes and let's go...

Take the Goldenrod trail south from the parking lot. In less than a hundred yards, the trail intersects at a "T". Follow the large trail to the right for about 3 minutes. As you are walking, you will pass a bird feeder on the left side of the trail with the number "24" on it.

Just after this bird feeder, the trail will make a sharp left turn. Keep going, you are getting close! Stay on the trail which is now heading East after the left turn. About 100 feet after the left turn, the trail will quickly jog right and then left. Just after this jog, as you are still heading east, you will see a fallen tree on the right side of the trail (looks like the 2004 Christmas ice storm claimed a victim here). Go to this fallen tree and face south.

From the trail, walk the length of the tree until you get to its trunk which is still standing - it looks like the tree was trimmed with a chainsaw and the remaining piece of the trunk is about 7 feet tall. From this point, look directly south and you will spot another fallen tree that is parallel to the trail.

Walk to this tree's trunk. It is about 20 steps in front of you, due South. Once you reach this tree's uprooted trunk, take a Southwest reading of about 230 degrees. Walk 30 steps to the next fallen tree. Once you have reached this tree, follow it down to its uprooted trunk and stand on the other side.

Facing East while standing at this fallen tree, the letterbox is just inside the root system on the right side.

Please make sure you cover it back up with leaves!

You are now on your way to discovering the question! Part Two will be posted real soon.