Bennett's Boxes  LbNA # 13425 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 13 2005
CountySuffolk city
LocationSuffolk, VA
Found By lily pie
Last Found Aug 6 2011
Hike Distance?

Mr. Peanut has gone missing again. I will update the clue when and if I replant.

First placed by ChilePepper and adopted in August 2007 by Leabhar.

Note from current owner: When I adopted these boxes Mr. Peanut had apparently been missing for some time, so I've recarved what I hope is reasonable facsimile and replanted. I've updated the clues here only to reflect some changes in the directions to the park and terrain, everything else is as the original planter, Chilepepper wrote it.

Total Distance: Less than 1 mile out and back
Terrain: 2-3. I advise good strong shoes or hiking boots as sneaker soles may not be adequate to protect against glass or other dangers on the ground off-trail. Long pants might be a good idea to protect against cat briar as well.
Stroller Friendly: Not really, sorry. An OK walk for a preschooler, though.
Times: The park is typically open dawn to dusk throughout the year, but on some holidays there's no one to open the gates.

These two boxes are a short walk through some really nice woods in a small park in Suffolk. To reach Bennett's Creek Park, turn from Rt. 17 onto Shoulders Hill Road. (There's a gas station and a Walgreen's on the corner.) Next, turn right at the first light onto Bennett's Creek Park Road. When you come to a T intersection, turn left, again onto Bennett's Creek Park Road. Take the road all the way down until you end up in the park.

Park in the boat ramp parking area and look for the sign marking the head of the trail.

#1--Mr. Peanut
Start walking along the trail, taking in the surroundings. Nice, isn't it? Shortly, you'll come to a bridge. Walk across the bridge, carefully now--wait! Is your shoe untied? Yes, I thought so. Don't stop on the bridge of course, but just on the other side of it. As you stoop to tie your shoe, you just might notice some additional steps to the side of the bridge, almost as if you were meant to look around underneath.

#2--Diane's Washtub
This one was Krash's idea. Keep walking along the trail as Diane's Washtub is a bit of a walk from here. At one point, you'll be able to walk over two life size Lincoln Logs! Keep going until you come to the clearing marked by the 4x4 markers. They're greenish-white, and stand about 6" out of the ground. Walk across the clearing to the other side where the trail restarts, then you'll shortly notice a steep hill down. In that small valley, you'll see a fallen tree parallel to the trail. Someone cared enough about Diane to carve her name near the proximal end of that tree, but you'll notice at its base that it has pulled an old galvanized washtub right out of the ground when it fell. If you're careful, you can clamber up onto this trunk and walk along it to the washtub, where you'll likely find what you seek!
***Be careful, there are sharp, rusty edges to avoid here!***