Contemplation  LbNA # 13464 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerKurious Jo    
Placed DateFeb 15 2005
LocationCamas, WA
Found By Happy SAHD
Last Found Sep 7 2009
Hike Distance?

Terrain: flat
Distance of walk: 1mi round trip
Wheel chair friendly: no
Hitchhiker friendly: yes

Ironically Lacamas Lake Park is actually located on Round Lake. Lacamas Lake is on the other side of the road from the main parking lot. Regardless this park is an ideal place to get away from the craziness of life and think out life’s challenges; hence the name of this letterbox.

From I-205 take Hwy 14 East. Take exit 12(6th Ave). Follow the road past the paper mill. From there, continue driving straight, along 6th Avenue for 6 more blocks. Turning left on Garfield Street. Carefully follow "Hwy 500 West" signs for about a mile until you see Lacamas Park on your right. It’s after the light and just before the bridge. (If the parking lot is full, cross the bridge and turn right on Leonard Road for an overflow parking area.

Walk down the trail past the playground and restrooms and keep walking to the debris cage and dam. After crossing over the dam follow the direction of the rhythmic music of the water. Go right at the sappy trunk. Go right at the mossy "stool" and pass through several archways until you get to a knee high stump on the left. Contemplation is under some ferns, under some bark. Please re-hide the box carefully.

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