EEK's Bunny Box  LbNA # 13514 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 19 2005
CountyVirginia Beach city
LocationVirginia Beach, VA
Planted ByDulcimerDave    
Found By Leabhar
Last Found May 8 2008
Hike Distance?

ATTENTION! This box is temporaily unavailable due to vandalism on the trail. I will keep checking for any changes.

Originally planted by ChiliPepper and adopted in February 2008 by Dulcimer Dave.

EEK's Bunny Box is located in Woodstock Park in the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach. We're calling this a 1 for terrain and a 2 for "findability".

EEK generated this all on her own. She helped with the stamp and made the log book all by herself, as well as packed the box and decorated the outside. She's very proud of it!
It's a great stamp and a wonderful hiding place. I took over the box in Feb. 2008 and the landscape has changed a bit since its initial placement. I have modified the clues where needed. DulcimerDave

Park in the parking lot and take the sidewalk past the dog run and to the playground. From the "big kids" playground and shelter 2, walk past and behind the horseshoe pit where you'll find a small trail leading into the woods. There will be old growth on your left and saplings on your right. Follow this trail around the water (hopefully the water won't prevent your passage) until you come to a Y in the path. Take the leftward fork and cross over the fallen tree. Follow the trail around to the right to a dead tree made up of three thick trunks. Looks sort of like a hand with fingers sticking up. In the hollow in the middle, poke around with a stick and you're likely to find the bunny snuggled in her home! They are doing some clearing of dead wood in that area so we may have to move the bunny box. I will post new clues when and if it has to be moved.