Sacramento Solons (MISSING)  LbNA # 13516 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 19 2004
LocationSacramento, CA
Planted ByBlack Cavalier    
Found By Sierra Sally
Last Found Apr 2 2005
Hike Distance?


The Sacramento Solons Letterbox is in the Masonic Lawn Cemetery. Masonic Lawn is behind the Old Sacramento City Cemetery, where another letterbox has been laid to rest. There isn’t a fence between the 2 cemeteries, so you can walk from one box to the other without going back out to the street. The Masonic Lawn entrance is the 1st driveway on the right on Riverside Blvd, just south of Broadway. Masonic Lawn has 1 driveway that winds through the cemetery. Along the curb, lot numbers are printed. Be aware that the numbers on the curb increase on both halves of the driveway, instead of only increasing as you drive around the cemetery. For example, if there were 100 lots in the cemetery, the curb numbers at the entrance & exit would be 1 & 2, instead of 1 & 100.

Solve the equations below to get the right numbers & follow them to the letterbox.

A = 2-digit year that the Baseball Hall of Fame opened in Cooperstown (e.g. if it opened in 1920, A = 20)
B = Number of World Series that both the Sultan & the Clipper played in (individually, not cumulatively)
C = The height in feet of the Green Monster
D = The number of times the Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series (Brooklyn only, not LA)
Y = Number of men accused in the Black Sox scandal

(A x B) – C + D = the lot number on the curb you have to find.

Y = the number of graves you count inwards from the curb. You’re looking for the grave of Richard Edmonds. Behind you is a big tree. Along its base are a number of small holes, the box is in one of those holes.

Be sure to read the insert inside the front of the logbook for info on the Solons. & gloves might be recommended if it's been raining.

NOTE: This is a more modern graveyard. The gravemarkers are set into the ground & there are few trees, so the box’s hiding site is pretty exposed. Please be extra careful when looking for & rehiding the box. The driveway is less than 10 feet from the hiding spot, so you can stamp discretely in your car.

Thanks & hope you enjoy the box & the history.

Black Cavalier