Ziggy Snow  LbNA # 13533 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateFeb 12 2005
LocationToas Valley, NM
Found By preboxed
Last Found Nov 11 2006
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: easy
Distance to Mini-box: About 20 yards

Status of Mini-box: Alive and Well on 11/13/06

The "Ziggy Snow" mini-box is located in Toas Valley, near the Taos Ski runs. Though the weather was bad, and the runs are tough, we still enjoyed the valley. Visit Tim's Stray Dog for a drink and luncy, and have dinner at the Bavarian lodge.

Use a map for this one. The Valley is about 15 miles from Taos, New Mexico. Once in the valley, keep going until you reach the big sign on the left for Taos Ski Valley. Continue on to where road divides and becomes one-way. You will have to go on down, then loop around on upper road to come back to parking for the box (which is near this junction). Make the loop, and drive throught the "Bear" parking area unil you come to the area where multiple lanes come together. Park on North side, Near the "Bear Shuttle Stop" sign. This sign also has a One Way sign under it. (this is .2 miles from the original road split when you entered the ski area.

To the Mini-box:
Walk to the sign. Now go 16 paces at 320 degrees to a small bush with multiple trunks. The box is in the middle of the trunks.

Let ne know the status of this box: babybearlb2002@yahoo.com