Earthplace  LbNA # 13553

Placed DateFeb 17 2005
Location10 Woodside Lane, Westport, CT
Planted ByChoi      
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Dec 6 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 31 2015


Planted by Grit

You will need a compass to find at least some of these boxes.

All boxes are placed very close to the trails – please stay on the trails as much as possible.

Visit our museum building which houses a collection of domestic and rehabilitated wild animals, ecology lab and a live Connecticut birds of prey exhibit. 10 Woodside Lane.

Find a “watchful mother”. From here turn to 300º and proceed to the green sign. Turn right and follow trail. Look for a bench overlooking the field. Behind this bench is an old sugar maple. This tree was hit by lightening long ago…leaving a large cavity. Look inside the tree under some woodchips and you will find letterbox #1.

Double back to the green sign. Turn right and proceed down the hill onto the Swamp Loop Trail. Bear left at the fork. Just before the boardwalk look for a rock with the number 2 painted on it (between two beech saplings). Behind the rock (under a pile of smaller rocks) is box #2. Carefully move the rocks and be sure to re-hide the box well.

Cross the bridge and follow the trail. On your left will be a platform overlooking the stream. Under the North-East corner, behind a log, will be box #3.

Continue down the Swamp Loop Trail, passing through a field where you’ll see many nest boxes. When the trail reaches a small pond look to your left and notice three wooden tables. Look under the tables to discover box #4

Cross the bridge and continue on the Swamp Loop Trail. You’ll come to a fork at a stone wall – turn right. You’ll pass a post with a red 9 on your left. Continue until you come to a tree with an orange blaze on your right. To the North of this tree you’ll find a large boulder. Behind some smaller rocks on the left side of this boulder you’ll find box # 5

Good Luck!!

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