Chinatown Hop Claim  LbNA # 13577

Placed DateFeb 25 2005
LocationDillon, MT
Planted ByBob    
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Going south out of Dillon on the old highway,if you are a good sleuth you will go by a slough.Travel a short distance more and turn right under the ribbons of concrete,on your right will be a sign of elephants.Shortly on your left will be a field of traveling friends.Keep going west for 7 miles and a sign of spanish descent will appear in pink on the right.The ghosts of old stage coaches from Bannack are now crossing your path and so follow them With Accord on your left turn coming up.Down the dusty twisty road,past the homsteads of two and four legged.Off to the left and down a slight grade you will see a road through the willows,this is the way.If you miss the turn you will arrive at a new depature,but thats a mine of a different time.Through willows and down toward the creek of hoppers.
The road will weave itself around through shallow valleys and open fields,but stay on the heaviest used road for 7 miles untill you come upon a clearing on the right.A salmon detoothed beast will mark the turn right.Follow the road past the old lame yellow cat for exactly one mile starting the mileage reading from where you turn off.The road will have offshoots but follow the heavest used portion and if you cross the creek you will be up the creek.At the end of the mile look to the left through sagebrush and across the creek and you will see a 6"rusty vertical pipe 15'tall sticking out of the riverbank.Stop here and step out.Looking north,the foundation of your goal is clearly in view.With the pipe on the left,go 45 paces north up the center of the road (my pace is about 2 feet,little more,little less depending on conditions,climbing,desending ect..)after you've done the 45 stop and look right,the road will have a turn off.From where you are standing you will be able to see a old mine shaft entrance.Walk 14 paces down the side road entrance toward the old shaft staying in the middle of the road.Stop.Turn left about a eigth of a turn and face NE.You will be facing a slight uphill.Ahead of you is a galvanized survey pipe marked "corner #2" go to it.Next looking uphill in the same direction will be a pile of rocks surrounding another survey pipe marked "corner #3",go to it.Still facing uphill look back and get a bearing from where you started off the side shoot,corner #2 and #3,with this line walk up hill the short distance and you will come to an old earthwork(mine cart path,3-4feet wide,over grown now.)Turn left and follow it north toward the tall Cedar tree and large rocks that seem to be blocking the way,but if you try,it's possible to slide in between the rocks and tree.When you come out from behind the tree once again stay on the lower path so that the rock retaining walls are on the right.A dead scrub cedar,split in half will be in front of you,keep going past it for 3 feet and stop.Your position on the path will be about halfway between the long and short walls.Looking east uphill a huge smooth low profile rock mass starts emerging just in front of you,it's front edge is broken off.This provides shelter for a weathered cedar timber with a railroad spike sticking out of it.Enjoy!!! you've found paydirt.

PLEASE REMEMBER:Tread lightly and don't remove anything or disturb the ruins. or 406/660/0667