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cliff hanging  LbNA # 13586 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 6 2005
LocationPost Falls, ID
Found By 5 bookworms
Last Found May 25 2008
Hike Distance?

[Report from a letterboxer on 8/8/09 "The trail system at Q'emiln Park has changed a great deal since 2005. The southern most trail is not marked Old Wagon Trail anymore, nor could we find the sign "cliff! Danger!"--they are the climbing walls now. We did find the tree with the white diamond, but were unable to backtrack from there as to where the "cliff! danger!" sign may have been." --Choi]

First, you have to find yourself in Post Falls.

Take the Spokane Street exit from Interstate 90, and head south across the river. The first right takes you to a city park, and the end of the street is a parking lot.

The trail at the point farthest south starts you on your way.

-Climb over the huge old tree. It is the first thing you see when you start down the trail.
-Go left and cross the chain gate.
-Continue on the trail, and look for an old sign up in a tree to your right that says "old wagon trail."
-Stop and take the first trail up to your right. It is a well established trail.
-Climb up to the top and continue until you are at the highest point.
-Look left and find another sign on a tree that says "cliff! danger!"
-Walk over and stand directly in front of the sign.
-Look left in the distance and you'll see a white diamond
marker on a tree.
-Now look directly at the ground. There is a rock cluster and a bush right there. The box is blue and in a hole covered by pine needles and rocks.

Have fun on this quick and easy treasure hunt. Report problems with the box to: