Old Poway Park  LbNA # 13590 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 26 2005
CountySan Diego
LocationPoway, CA
Planted ByThe Ramona Girls    
Found By Kristal & Ron
Last Found Dec 6 2005
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Old Poway Park Letterbox

** Muggled 2x. Please rehide with care!
Reinstated August 1, 2005

There is a little train that runs around this park on weekends. There are picnic tables and a fun restaurant in the park and a farmer’s market. Check the schedule on the web site: http://www.ci.poway.ca.us/oldpoway/. There is no cost to park or enter the park and dogs on leash are welcome. Stroller friendly.

Old Poway Park is a 4.75-acre park which houses two historic buildings that were moved to the site and restored. Included are Poway's first public assembly building, the International Order of Good Templars Hall (name consistency) and the Nelson House. The three existing buildings, the Porter House, the Hamburger Factory, and Historical and Memorial Society Museum were refurbished. A train barn was built to house the 1907 Baldwin No. 3 Steam Engine, a 1938 Fairmont Speeder and ore cars, a 1894 L.A. Yellow Trolley, and a San Francisco Cable Car. An Overshiner's blacksmith and gazebo were built to enhance the ambiance of the turn-of-the-century setting.

A 2-acre green park for picnics was styled after the Teddy Roosevelt National Park system. The Green Park is open to the public, and the lawn area and picnic tables are available on a first come, first serve basis, and are not rented or reserved.

Find the big fountain just to the North of the Hamburger Factory restaurant. Walk Northeast across the railroad tracks to the Nelson House. Turn North and walk past the blacksmith building on your right to the Poway Midland Railroad Building. If it is a weekend the doors will be open and you’ll be able to see the antique engine and other railroad cars. Continue walking North until you see the railroad switching circle. Just North of the circle you’ll see a wooden bridge. Turn West and cross the bridge.

Once you’re on the cement path take the left branch at the “Y” and cross the railroad tracks again. Continue on the cement trail. At the first brown wooden bridge (it will be on your left) take the trail to the right (West). At the next “Y” stay to the left and cross the railroad tracks again. Continue on the cement trail. At the next “Y” stay to the right. Turn East and cross the tracks (again! J) . At the next “Y” cross the wooden bridge.

Turn to your left after you get off the bridge and stand in the middle of the big, white pavilion facing the fountain (yes, where you started!). Walk to the big windmill that is fenced with a white picket fence. Walk North with the white picket fence to your right. Find the base of the other big windmill. Face the “X” formed by its base supports. Turn to the South (facing the pavilion) and walk past the pavilion to the brown bridge. On your left, at the end of the building that houses The Hamburger Factory, are a set of rest rooms. With your back to the door to the men's room, you will be looking at a white post that supports the porch. On the other side of the post is a trellis for a grape plant. At the top of the trellis, hopefully a bit back out of sight, is the letterbox.

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