The Last Palm Tree  LbNA # 13598 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 22 2005
LocationSanibel, FL
Found By Rachina
Last Found Jul 7 2007
Hike Distance?

This box can be found on Sanibel Island. I recommend you make a day of it. Sanibel is a beautiful island to explore and it may take awhile to find this box. From Ft. Myers you take the causeway over to Sanibel Island. It will cost you six dollars just to cross over. Once on the island you want to find Bowman's Beach. I could give you directions to the beach but that would be to easy. When you find Bowman's park in the main parking lot. Make sure you pay for parking because they do patrol the lot to make sure people pay. If you do not pay their is a $50 dollar fine. You will then enjoy a nice walk to the beach. Follow the main path which has a wooden boardwalk at the entrance. You will then pass the restrooms on your right and changing rooms on your left. You will find picnic tables all around. Continuing on you will come to a bridge. While crossing the bridge stop and admire the view and wildlife if any. I have seen aligators their and many different types of birds. When you get to the beach find a nice spot and enjoy the day.
When you are ready to search for this box walk down to the waters edge and while facing the water look to your right. A good distance down the beach you will notice a dead tree standing tall at the waters edge. It may look like it's up off the beach but when you get closer you will see it's in the water. (If this tree is not present any longer let me know) Make your way towards this tree when you can no longer walk along the beach because of fallen trees make your way up towards the trees. Very shortly you should come to a path used by vehicles for cleaning up after the hurricane. You will notice piles of ashes where they have burned fallen trees and debris. While you are walking along this path you will notice a row of palm trees on your right. Follow the path until you reach the tall, dead tree at the waters edge. From this tree you will look up from the beach towards the row of palm trees and you will notice that the stretch of palms ends. You should find the box at "THE LAST PALM TREE". It will be hidden at the base of the tree under some debris. Contact me if you have found this box and tell me what you thought and the condition of it.