Skull Canyon  LbNA # 13602

Placed DateFeb 23 2005
LocationMud Lake, ID
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This was a case of a location and name just begging for a letterbox! I was on my way to Salmon for my work and noticed a small sign pointing to Skull Canyon. Well, how could I resist the urge to plant a quick box with a name like that? I carved one for you and the rest is history.

The box is actually close to a small town called Lone Pine (2.2 miles), but you won't find that on the atlas, so I listed Mud Lake, which is about 30 miles southeast of it.

In order to get to the canyon, you have to pass through a patch of gated ranch property. It is very short and may just be to keep grazing animals from leaving property or heading to the highway. It appears that the property on either side is private property, but I don't believe the canyon is. There weren't signs for that but there were on the sides of the ranch area. I tried to find someone to ask permission from, but had no luck on this day, so please be respectful while you are there. It looks like a fun canyon. I believe there should be some interesting hiking and caves up here, but I didn't have time to explore further.

Difficulty: easy, with climbing up a few feet. Drive-by box.
Clue: about 30 miles from Mud Lake you will see a historical marker for "Prehistoric Man." The turnoff for the canyon is about 1.3 miles up from this on the east side of the road. Go up the road a bit till you get to the two ranch gates. You may need to park before the two gates. After passing the second gate you come into the beginning of the canyon. On the left you will see a small cliffside. Walk up and around that on a sort of path between the cliff and a small rock grouping. The cliff will curve back around a bit at about the point that is level with the small rock grouping. At that point on the cliffside there are a few crevices and holes. The letterbox is hidden in a funny oval shaped hole in the rock that is about knee height. It is pushed back and covered with smaller rocks. Please rehide well and enjoy!