Soaring Free (replaced)  LbNA # 13603 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 27 2005
LocationMarina, CA
Planted Bymtnbikemanns    
Found By Aahz
Last Found Mar 4 2006
Hike Distance?

Festival of the Winds Series:

Soaring Free : Replaced 9/1/06

Take the Reservation Road exit into Marina. Head towards town staying on Reservation Road. At the duck pond make a right on Lake Drive. Follow Lake Drive until it dead ends. Park in parking area by large sand dune. You should be looking at a trail running up through the dunes, you want to hike to the top on this dune. Everytime we have come here there has been paragliders coming and going. Its fun to watch them take off and land (they make it look so easy). When you get to the top the of trail you should see a blue post sticking out of the ground about 1 1/2feet. Take 50 steps to the south of poston a 180 degress. Turn towards land and hone your compass at 110 degrees, take 70 steps toward the green tower in the distance surrounded by iceplant you should find a piece of concrete and driftwood covering letterbox.

The dune is a little steep at first although the hike is short and well worth the climb.

Hand Carved Stamp