Rainbow Bridge from Rhode Island to Marco Island  LbNA # 13606 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerthe force    
Placed DateFeb 23 2005
LocationMarco Island, FL
Found By doxie doos
Last Found Jan 16 2007
Hike Distance?

***This box has been temporarily removed as of 2/07 due to construction in the area. It is ready and waiting to get back in after the construction is complete. The park is still open, but it is very small and there were no alternative hiding spots. ******

From Rt. 41 (Miami area and points southeast)
Follow Rt. 92 (San Marco Rd.) over the Goodland Bridge onto Marco Island. Follow San Marco Road through the heart of Marco Island until you come to Collier Blvd. Go left on Collier Blvd.

Once on Collier Blvd., follow it along the west side of Marco Island, passing many of the hi-rise condos that line the island's Crescent Beach. Continue on Collier as it swings left and then left again. Look for the sign that identifies your destination: Caxambas Park.

Caxambas Park is a popular launch site that can be considered one of the main jumping off points for South Florida's 10,000 islands, which can be seen stretching off to the southeast. Directly across the channel to the east is Caxambas Island, where many of Marco's most luxurious homes are located. Just to the right of Caxambas Island is a small mangrove "Rookery" island where you may see many species of birds roosting. Birds that frequent the area include Brown Pelicans, White Ibus, Egrets, Gulls, Turns, Spoonbills, and Frigate birds. In addition, it is possible to spot an occasional manatee or dolphin in the waters just off the park.

Standing at the head of the launch ramp, look to your left to find out how much it costs to launch a boat. Proceed to this green sign, which is your starting point. Count the number of palm trees on either side of the launch and take this many paces toward the water. Turn to your left and climb four stairs. Follow this path to the end of the railing. Go forward and left to the tree that is not like the others. Looking through the fork, you will see this tree’s twin. Proceed forward to it. Starting with the one closest to the wooden shed, follow the white posts & count until you reach the one that numbers the same as the number of states between Rhode Island and Florida on the east coast. Turn to your right to find your treasure well hidden as the leprechauns would in the land of green.