Just a Memory Series  LbNA # 13610

Placed DateFeb 24 2005
CountyIndian River
LocationOrchid, FL
Found By risingsun1
Last Found Mar 24 2014
Hike Distance?

This series of letterboxes has been adopted. The original planter is Group Effort. The first three boxes received new lock-n-locks and new journals. Box 4 was replaced as it went missing due to the installation of a beautiful board walk and because of water issues, has been moved again. As of January 2013, all boxes are in place and just waiting for you to find them. Please rehide containers so you can't see them. Happy Boxing!

"Because with this group, everything's an effort!"

Location: Environmental Learning Center (Admission Fee)

A helpful map can be found on the website: www.discoverelc.org

Another easy series for vacationers - easy walking, comfortable places to sit and stamp in, pleasant atmosphere, lots to look at and do, great for families.

The concept for this series came from Debbie T., "the Bee", but her daughter, Horseshoe Girl, carved them. They have a rustic simplicity that is enhanced by a rainbow ink pad (i.e. kaleidacolor) if you have one. Planted with the help of Dad and big Brother, who are both way too cool to have personal stamps (well, okay, big Brother carved one, but he was just bored and really isn't into this) or journals, and just come along to humor us. They only LOOK like they're having fun.

· Please DO NOT use pigment ink for these letterboxes. The journals have thin paper and it will bleed right through and the stamps are fine-lined and will clog easily.
· Please re-hide the boxes well, as this is a highly landscaped location.
· Please do not post information regarding these boxes on any database. Contact the placer with problems or questions.

The Environmental Learning Center is located just off County Road 510 (the Wabasso Bridge) between the Indian River Lagoon and the Intercoastal Waterway near Orchid, Florida. You can find these boxes quickly and be on your way, but consider spending some time here. The trails and facilties are great, and kids love it. Please be careful when retrieving boxes; many school groups use this facility, and you may need to adjust your hunt to avoid them. These are mini-boxes, no room for a pen or ink pad.

Box #1

Upon arriving at the ELC Campus, you will park somewhere around the Native Plant Garden. Explore the garden, and you will find a backless bench. Sit backwards on the bench and find yourself looking at three mature tree trunks growing in a triangle. What you seek is between the two trees on the right.

Box #2

Come out of the Native Plant Garden and locate the Entry Pavillion and Gift Shop. To the right is the Butterfly Garden, which is home to "The Lesson". Seat yourself on the second bench from the trail and look at mama's back. Between the two of you, spot a fist-sized white rock in the border and check beneath it - you may have to go down a rock or two.

Box #3

Follow the trail to the Gazebo and Greenhouse. While walking along the boardwalk leading to the gazebo, look for the commemoration of Melody and Bruce's wedding on 8/23/97. Tucked just below is your goal.

Box #4 (a new carving ~ we didn't know what the original carve looked like or we would have tried to duplicate it ~ sorry)

Located near the Native Plant Trail. Where the Columbian Mammoth stands guard (looks like an elephant), look for a little bridge. Under the bridge near the post closest to the Mammoth your treasure awaits. Make sure to re-hide well.