Ride Bear Creek  LbNA # 13611

Placed DateMar 1 2005
LocationDenver, CO
Planted ByMustapha    
Found By shadowdancer
Last Found Aug 13 2007
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is dedicated to all the avid cyclists going up and down Bear Creek trail. The trail starts at the confluence of Bear Creek and the Platte River and goes all the way west to the town of Morrison.

To find the letterbox:
From the East - Go west on Hampden (285). The first light after Federal Blvd. is Lowell. Turn left.

(From the West - Go east on Hampden (285). The first light after Sheridan Blvd. is Lowell. Turn right.)

You will cross over Bear Creek. Take the first left immediately after crossing the creek. I think it is King St. Park and lock you car. Walk back towards Lowell. Be very careful crossing Lowell. On the other side you will find the asphalted trail. Walk approximately 200 yards west along the trail. To the left is Mullen High School's softball field. When you reach a large green sign on the right (Bear Creek Trail) stop. 3 to 4 paces from the sign going north (toward the creek) you will find the letterbox. It is under two bricks in the ground. Hopefully you will find the bricks under a layer of old leaves.

Please make sure no one is around when you dig the box up. There can be a lot of people traveling through the area especially on weekends. Also keep an eye out for Mullen students/athletes. If you have a bike or stroller, please make sure that it is off the path while you are working on the letterbox. Some cyclists ride through there rather fast. South of the path you will find a picnic table to use. Please place the box back in the ground under the bricks with a layer of leaves to hid it. Pack the earth around the box so the bricks don't rock back and forth. Thanks. Have fun!!!

p.s. email me and let me know how the letterbox is doing, thanks.