Ride Green Mountain  LbNA # 13618 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 3 2005
LocationLakewood, CO
Planted ByMustapha    
Found By Front Range Hiker
Last Found Sep 11 2005
Hike Distance?

LETTERBOX IS MISSING!!! SORRY. Hopefully I will have time to replace it in the future:(

This letterbox is dedicated to all the mountain bikers (and hikers) that travel the trails on Green Mountain.

WARNING: The hike up to the top is moderate to difficult. Children 8 to 9 years old can probably make it. Kids any younger and you might end up carrying them! I guess the climb to the top will take from 30 to 60 minutes. Give yourself plenty of time for the round-trip. On my bike's speedometer, the total distance from the parking lot to the tower is 1.48 miles. If you're an experienced mountain cyclist you should enjoy the trip immensely!

Also, if the weather calls for rain or rain clouds are in the vicinity, wait for another day. You don't want to get caught out in the open, high on a mountain with the possibility of lightning and rain.

Go west on Alameda Parkway past Union Blvd. Go past the light at Green Mountain Drive (if you turn left you would get to Green Mountain High School). Approximately 0.3 miles past Green Mountain Drive you will turn right into a parking lot used by the bikers and hikers (there is a port-a-john there). Turn right ongo the lot and go to the far east end. Take the trail that begins there up the mountain. Approximately 0.85 miles up you will encounter a T in the trail. Go left toward the tower at the top of the mountain. You will pass by a trail signed John O. Hayden.

When you get to the tower, go to the side facing the Denver skyline. On the corner of the fence surrounding the tower you will find a power pole. From the pole go 20 steps along the powerline downhill. Stop and look to the left. You will find the letterbox in a pile of rocks.

I hope you enjoy the trip. Please make sure that no one is watching while you pull the letterbox out from its hiding spot. Rehide it well and send me a message on how its doing. Thanks, Eddie Mustapha