Ringos Mills Covered Bridge  LbNA # 13638 (ARCHIVED)

Placed Date
LocationRingos Mills, KY
Found By kstar
Last Found Aug 31 2008
Hike Distance?

Ringos Mill Covered Bridge (1867)
Location :Fleming County,Kentucky
Placed :November 21,2004 by franzsolo... Difficulty: Easy walk up Please bring a stamp pad and pen
(a compass will help)

KY 158 at Rawlings Road over Fox Creek
approx. 2 miles north of Ringos Mill
N38° 16.1' W83° 36.6'

Additional Construction1984
Original Materials 86'; yellow pine trusses Original Contractor Louis Stockton Bower, This bridge carries KY 158 across Fox Creek

Letterbox Clues:
Start at the East end of the bridge.
You are interested in the South side .
Look for a Vertical timber with the name " Chris " in red paint.
This is a microbox :) look carefully !