Cottonmill Park  LbNA # 1364

Placed DateMar 15 2002
LocationKearney, NE
Found By (hidden)
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NOTE: Alive and in need of a new sandwich-sized box 3/10

Every year in the spring birdwatchers from all over the country come to this town to encounter huge flocks of waterfowl, field after field filled with hungry Sandhill Cranes and to see the show of courting Prairie Chickens. These birds can occasionally be seen on a small tract of native prairie land at Cottonmill Park, just west of town.

to the trailhead: From Kearney go west on Highway 30 to Cottonmill Road. Turn right and drive a short distance to the park entrance. Inside the park, go to the East Shelter parking area. The Prairie Trail begins across the road.

to the letterbox: Keep barbed wire on your right until you see a shelter with a covered wagon parked beside it. One hundred fifty years ago the travelers along the Platte River Road all had to choose between the short-lived gold fields of California, or the long term security of the fertile Willamette Valley of Oregon. Here you have a similar choice to make. If you want to find this letterbox, you're in for the long haul. When you reach the next resting place along the trail, the letterbox is perched in a cedar tree twenty-nine steps due North.

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