Nathalie's Journal #2  LbNA # 13653

OwnerJ and R    
Placed DateMar 7 2005
Location(Mid-Atlantic PA DE NJ MD VA), MY
Found By ???
Last Found Mar 18 2007
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October 5, 2004

….Mindful of the road beneath my feet, I followed it, almost missing the building. At the junction of the sidewalk and grass on my right, I spotted a white-tailed deer. Really having no specific destination in mind as I reminisced, I followed the deer and turned left as it ducked into the woods. Somewhere ahead, I lost track of the deer as it followed the faint v to the right and I took the more well traveled path on the left. Here, where the trail ended at a T, I suddenly realized where I was going and took a left. Yesterday’s memories flooded me when I stopped at the water.

Pausing for a moment, I realized the wooden pathway below my feet was not here originally and decided to turn back the way I came. Onward I went, looking to see what other changes had occurred. Ignoring the trail I came in on at the three way intersection, I kept going straight. Now when I came to the fence, I realized all that was left were my memories and the view of my native Maryland waters. Turning around, I had only walked 90 steps, when on my left, I recogized a large downed tree.

Nearing the tree, I rememberedplanting it as a seeding. At what was left of the stump, I decided to sit down. This tree was my favorite secret spot as a kid. Under the stump I reached, hoping to see if any of my treasures remained. Reaching in, I pulled out my old treasure box. Everything was still here, it was amazing.

Content to have seen it one last time, I returned it to its hiding place, ensuring it was covered at all angles. Eventually I headed back to the building. Now I decided one more visit was in place. Tired from my hike, I went back to my car. Easing out of the parking space, my destination was clear. Realization struck that with time came changes and I was glad to see this spot preserved for future generations in Baltimore County....