Happy Birthday Great Grandmother Frances  LbNA # 13654

OwnerPaw Paw and Granny    
Placed DateMar 6 2005
LocationStone Mountain, GA
Found By Bossy Boots
Last Found Jul 4 2013
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Happy Birthday Great Grandmother Frances

Mother will be 90 on January 19, 2005. We want to honor this remarkable woman who is determined, generous and ALWAYS kind. We are ever grateful for the valuable lessons learned from her. She is a ‘never give up’ woman.
Early on she told us children, “Don’t say you don’t like someone. Say you don’t understand them.” We have come to realize there is a lot of truth in Mother’s sayings.
So many of her teachings are a reflection of her true, daily practiced Christian faith. We are all teachers regardless of our professions. Let’s pass on faith and kind spirits to the next generation. What better can we do?
When you find this box, if you want to join us in our congratulations to Frances you can send us an e-mail at lbsearchers@yahoo.com and we will be sure she receives your well wishes.
This box can be a quick (less than a ½ mile round trip on a paved trail) drive-by or part of a letterboxing expedition from Stone Mountain Park. It is located on a connecting trail between the City of Stone Mountain and the park.
As a drive-by, park at the red caboose visitor’s center on the south end Main Street in the city of Stone Mountain. Follow the paved trail toward the park to the sign with mile marker 17.9 on it. From the power pole with the green metal box beside it, you can see a mother boulder with three baby rocks across the trail. Happy Birthday Frances is sheltered under mother’s ledge.
From inside the park, go in a counterclockwise direction from the walk-up trail parking lot on the side walk. Just past the overpass, you will find the connecting trial to the city on the right across the street. Walk up the trail to the sign with mile marker 17.9 on it. Follow the directions above from there.
Please contact us at lbsearchers@yahoo.com if you find any problem with the box or the directions. We will also be glad to receive any comments or suggestions that will help us improve future boxes. One last quick note, Stone Mountain Park requires an $8 fee to enter the park for a day if you do not have an annual pass. Go to the park web site for more information and directions.
Thank you for joining us in honoring Frances.
Have Fun!!
Gardening Granny and Paw Paw

More info on Granny and Paw Paw’s plants:

Helpful Hint: Most of our boxes in the park can be found in clusters in areas that are marked on the park map.
1. Plantation: Gone with the Wind (1)
2. Song Bird Trail: Song Bird Series (6)
3. Nature Garden: The Owl and the Hare (2)
4. Walk up trail: Snidely and Friends (3)
5. Carillon: Robert and Carillon II – HHH (3)
6. Top of the Mountain: Top of the Rock Series (3)

Hope this helped you get started at the rock.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Stone Mountain. Happy Trails to you.