Lance's Fish Tank 1-3  LbNA # 13655

OwnerKimono Girl    
Placed DateMar 6 2005
LocationSullivan, IL
Found By Jaxom and Sharra
Last Found May 2 2009
Hike Distance?

5/2/09: According to reports, box #2 is in bad shape. I will be recarving the stamp and making a new logbook for this box and will replace it as soon as possible. As of last fall, box #1 was in place but reports this spring indicate that it may or may not be missing.

From Sullivan, take route 32 south. Turn right at the VFW, then turn left at the T-road (first turn option you have), then right at the next available turn. Go straight over the bridge and the parking lot is the first turn on the left after the bridge.

Difficulty: Moderate. The clues are fairly straightforward but if you plan on searching for all of the stamps in this series the difficulty rating does change and it will be a fairly long hike. Be sure to bring plenty of water, especially if you plan on visiting in warm weather. These stamps are part of an 11-stamp series. Some of the trails you will be hiking are narrow bike trails, so watch out for bikes. Also, parts of the trail are quite rough (strollers are definitely out of the question here) so keep an eye out for roots and loose gravel. The parts of the trail that are necessary for finding the letterboxes I have planted are structurally sound and appropriate for children, but if you plan on further exploring the trails keep in mind that some of them are not often used and as a result not always well maintained...please use caution when crossing wooden structures that have obviously been neglected for some time. Also keep in mind that these trails go through the woods, be sure to do a tick check when you are done and keep an eye out for poison ivy (although I tried to avoid it around my boxes there is a LOT of it along the trails) and brambles (which are in the vicinity of some boxes). Also, there are many black locust trees in the area so watch small children and dogs for thorns.

Lance's Fish Tank #1, Pterophyllum scalare #1
From the parking lot, walk to the trails on the left-hand side of the outhouses and take the grassy trail east. Where the trail branches, continue east for approximately 30 paces to where a narrow trail exits the path to the right. Where this winding path meets another, follow the arrow on the trail marker. Go down the hill and up the stairs and back down again to a little wooden bridge. ***a beaver has felled a tree right accross the stairs but the structure is still sound, you just have to step over the tree*** Before crossing this bridge, turn south and make your way along the water run and through the woods to the end of the first fallen log. P. scalare #1 is in the hollow base of this log covered by bark and leaves.

Lance's Fish Tank #2, Pterophyllum scalare #2
Go across the bridge and up the hill to follow the winding trail eastward along the edge of the pond. Past the assembly, over the bridge, under the tree, and up the hill. Just up the hill take a look and you will find a tree fall, roots and all. Make your way to the taller side and there in a shallow hole under the roots you will find P. scalare #2 buried beneath the oak and maple leaves.

Lance's Fish Tank #3, Pterophyllum scalare #3
Continue down the trail towards the lake. Onward under the leaning tree, down the hill and around the point, past the big flat rock. Across the 4? plank wooden bridge (this is one of the bridges in bad disrepair but it is still passable) and through dissected fallen trees. Press on past a stand of brambles on the right of the trail to a Y-shaped tree at the curve. From the Y-tree, look towards the lake for two past-trees standing close enough to have once been one. At the base of these trees is a large hollow. Tucked away in the right-hand side of this hollow lies P. scalare #3.

Return to the trail and continue in your former direction. Down the stairs, across the 1978 bridge and over the railroad tie steps. Up to where the path becomes open and grassy. Where the grassy trails intersect, take a right to what was once a nicely paved path. Follow this neglected walkway to the large picnic clearing. From this clearing you can turn north and follow the gravel road back to the parking lot or continue on and catch the rest of the fish tank inhabitants.