K's Birthday Box  LbNA # 13658 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 6 2005
CountyNew Haven
LocationMiddlebury, CT
Found By Awesome Beth
Last Found May 1 2009
Hike Distance?

(Sung out of tune to Happy Birthday)

Happy birthday to me,
I'm a quarter cent'ry,
I planted a letterbox,
And it's at Maggie's.

Ok, so now the clues...


Maggie McFly's Restaurant
Off exit 17 of I-84
Rt 63 just barely in Middlebury

Once you get there, pull into the upper parking lot. Look in the stone wall directly behind the white birch tree with three daughters.
If you think you might be the first finder, go ahead and find it first. Have a birthday toast for me.

This box was only going to be around for a month but I decided to leave it out because it seems to be a nice spot that hasn't been disturbed!