Grinding Stone  LbNA # 13667 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 6 2005
LocationWinters, CA
Found By shyflea & The Circus
Last Found Jul 30 2005
Hike Distance?

Grinding stone.

This letterbox is located in the Stebbins/Cold Canyon Reserve west of Winters. The reserve is owned by the University of California, and is open to the public. There is poison oak around, especially off the main trails, so be aware.

From the 505 Winters exit (on Road 128, or Covell, if coming from Davis), drive west to the stop sign in the town of Winters. (Down this street to the left is downtown Winters, with several great places to eat.) Passing straight through the intersection, continue west for 9 miles. After passing a trailer park/resort, you cross Putah Creek and ascend southward. After a quarter mile or so, there is a parking area on the right, just before the road takes a big right turn. Park here. Cross the road (be careful!) to reach the trailhead.

There are numbered trail markers along this trail. About ~100 steps up the trail there is a marker for a side trail where one can (when the water is low) cross the stream and join a trail visible on the other side. Remember the number of this trail marker. If you reach a tree on the right of the trail that has a tree that fell on both sides of it(!), you have gone one trail marker too far. Triple the value of the correct trail marker. Walk up the trail (the main trial, not the side trail that crosses the creek) to the marker with this tripled number (about half a mile). Here, take the little side trail down to the creek. At the edge of the creek is a large boulder with a deep, perfectly circular hole in it. This is a native American mortar, for grinding acorns and such. Back up the trail a few feet is a large buckeye growing behind a large boulder. Also behind this boulder, nestled in the rocks, is the Letterbox (a Letterbag, actually). This replaces (19 Feb 2006) the previous box, washed away.

If you are feeling energetic, continue on up the trail to the “Samwise staircase” Letterbox.