Plum Creek  LbNA # 13686

Placed DateFeb 25 2005
LocationKyle, TX
Found By Dawns Glory
Last Found Nov 6 2009
Hike Distance?

[Box is missing it's cover and logbook needs replacement. First aid requested. - Choi, LbNA Webmaster, Nov-09]

Dr. Smith’s
Plum Creek Letter Box
Kyle, TX

Plum Creek at the intersection of
RR 150 and 2770

Close to the water tower
Just south of it’s base,
Is a forrest of old oaks, proud and free.

With one mighty Bent Tree
About 12 inches around,
That has a hole where squirrels hide and seek.

It has a name: #157
Where a fallen tower points,
You could find fallen rain collecting sometimes.

In a hole facing up
Deep down toward the roots,
Is our letter box waiting inside.


Bring in a copy of the stamp you find inside and claim
your prize.

Letter box placed on 2-25-05