Jumpers Reward REPORTED MISSING  LbNA # 13708 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 5 2005
LocationAngels Camp, CA
Planted Bymtnbikemanns    
Found By handy trackers
Last Found Aug 10 2007
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Angels Camp is located in the mother lode country, made famous from Mark Twains, 1865, "The Celebrating Jumping Frog of Calaveras County". Angels Camp with its old gold rush day store fronts filled with antigues is like a time capsule from the 1800's. You will find frogs everywhere you turn in rememberance of Mark Twain and even a memorial of Mark Twain himself in the town's park. Every year is the Annual Calaveras Frog Jumping Contest. A friend of mine won the frog jumping contest in 1957 and still had the trophy to proudly show me, from which my husband and I recreated the image for this letterbox. By the way my friend was 9 years old and a girl.

From Highway 99 Stockton take highway 4 to Highway 49 Angels Camp

From Highway 99 take highway 108 120 to Sonora take highway 49 to Angels Camp

North on highway 49 will you take through main street of Angels Camp. Be sure and check out all of the frogs. Look for Utica Park on the left side of the street. After entering into the park make a right, follow the road and park car at the end of the park. Looking up at the hill to your right. You will see an Old Rusty Mine. Take the path that leads you to the Mine. On the side of the Mine is a rock wall, start at the beginning of the wall and take 6 jumps and 3 gaint leaps to the two trees with the same trunk (across from trees should be the middle of wheel to the mine). About halfway down the rock wall, on the rightside of the double tree remove the two small rocks and look to left.

Congratulations! You just competed in the Calaveras Frog Jumping Contest.

Hand Carved Stamp
Easy short hike