The Question – Part Two  LbNA # 13713 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 8 2005
LocationGalena, OH
Found By BunnyBear
Last Found May 2 2010
Hike Distance?

9/18/2010 - CURRENTLY MISSING - no plans to replace, sorry...

Here is part 2 of The Question series. I can tell you that we are not going to meet our goal of planting them all in March, but this is still going to be a great series – no matter when they get planted. Stay tuned as there are many more to come. Make sure you read the ending of this clue, it is important if you are going to find The Question - Part 3!

The Question – Part 2, was planted in the New Galena Boat Ramp and Picnicking Area. To get to the Area, take I-71 north from Columbus up to the Polaris Parkway (Germain Amphitheater, Polaris Mall) exit. Take Polaris Pkwy east towards Westerville.

After a short distance, you will come to Worthington Rd. Make a left turn on to Worthington Rd and head towards Africa Rd. (2nd traffic light). At Africa Rd., make a left turn and follow Africa Rd. to the 4-Way stop. If you look to your left, you will see the Alum Creek Dam. Go straight thru the 4-way stop (well, stop first) and continue almost 2 miles on Africa Rd. to the “New Galena Boat Ramp and Picnicking” Area – it will be on your left. Enter the Area.

Follow the entrance until you come to a road on your left. Straight ahead, just after this road, is a parking section on your right. In the grass, you will find a bench, a trail map board and a trail entrance sign. Park here!

Walk between the trail map and trail entrance sign towards the woods. Pass the evergreen on your right and take the trail that is straight ahead. This trail is muddy so bring the right walking shoes! The trail winds around towards Alum Creek Lake. It turns back to the right and goes around a water inlet. The trail turns left around the end of the inlet and comes to a “Y”.

At this “Y” is a sign. Go to the black and white sign that says “One Way” with an orange sign underneath that says “1 MI LOOP”. Stand directly in front of the sign facing it. Now turn around! Take 8 steps then look off the trail to your left.

Off into the brush about 20 ft., you will see 2 tall tree stumps. The one on the right is about 8 feet tall and the one on the left is about 12 feet tall. Go to the stump that is on the right. On the East side of this stump is its top – lying on the ground. About 8 feet up this fallen tree, it branches into a “Y”. Directly under where the “Y” starts will be “Part 2”.

This is an easy hike. From the parking lot to the sign is about a 15 minute walk. It may be real muddy. Bring your stamp and ink pad. VERY IMPORTANT: Bring a pen or pencil and a spare sheet of paper. In order to find Part 3, you will have to find Part 2. The Part 2 stamp book will tell you the location of where Part 3 is going to be planted. You will use the location from Part 2 and the posted clue for Part 3 to find the next part of the Question.

FYI: For those of you who like to go backwards (we normally wouldn’t do this, but in case it is real muddy on the main trail), here is what you will need to know to take the short-cut. As you get to the evergreen at the trail head, there is a trail that goes off to the right with a “Do Not Enter” sign. This sign is for the snow-mobilers. Take this trail! It slowly swoops to the right. After a short distance, it heads down a short incline and turns – ever so slightly – to the left. Just before it makes a turn to the right, look to your left, thru the brush, about 50 feet. You will see the above mentioned signs. We did this without leaves on the trees, so who knows if you will be able to use this trick in the Spring and Summer.

Have a great time at the Ramp and Picnic Area. Along the waterfront, it is nice and peaceful. If it is warm enough, plan on a nice picnic lunch! Have a great time and look for Part 3 real soon!