The Original Manzanita Letterbox  LbNA # 13737 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 4 2004
LocationManzanita, OR
Planted ByThe Wymos    
Found By Juggler
Last Found May 29 2006
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: 7/4/2006 - sorry to report that this letter box has been taken twice. It will not be replaced. We will do another in the Manzanita area simply because Manzanita is such a wonderful place to visit.

The Wymos

Spend a day in beautiful Manzanita on the Oregon Coast.

Directions: Manzanita is on Highway 101 South of Cannon Beach (about 20 minutes) and North of Tillamook (about 40 minutes) around Highway marker 42. It is easy to miss so look for the signs. It is a wonderful place to spend a day on the coast. I strongly recommend taking in the view over Manzanita from one of the viewpoints of of Highway 101 (around mile marker 41). In fact you can spot the starting point for this letterbox on a clear day. Sorry the stamp is nothing special yet (working on carving the first), but Manzanita is well worth the trip.

Difficulty: Easy, except for the very end is somewhat steep and not stroller friendly (this is a very short part of the walk). This one is pretty short.

Clues: Find a spot to park on Laneda(the main street in Manzanita). Take a hint from Lewis and Clark and follow their lead. Find where Ocean flows South to North. Follow the flow until you reach America's First Family. Take a compass bearing on New York and head that way. You will pass the palace of some Manzanita royalty. You will be faced with two choices at first. What to do? Do not do the right thing. Careful, if you go too far you will miss the jungle path (hard to see so look for the sign). Make the climb, but stop before you reach the summit stop for a rest and look around. If this letterbox was on a street the street's name might be 1.5 Avenue.

Note: There are some other great letterboxes in nearby Oswald State Park (not ours, but we have done them). Take the family and enjoy the day.