Pecos Bill  LbNA # 13744

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateMar 5 2005
LocationMarathon, TX
Found By nmcanchaser
Last Found Jul 18 2013
Hike Distance?

Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 100 yards RT)
Recommended Ink: blue, pink, red & brown
Status: alive

Pecos Bill, a mythical cowboy, grew out of the imagination of southwestern range hands who told tall tales to pass the time and to out-do each other in boasting. The story goes that Bill, the youngest of eighteen children of a Texas pioneer, was lost in crossing the Pecos River and was brought up by coyotes. He became the cowhand who invented all the tricks of the ranching trade and his activities include teaching gophers to dig post holes, killing snakes by feeding them mothballs filled with red pepper and nitroglycerin, and roping whole herds of cattle at a time. As an adult, he rode a mountain lion and a cyclone, and later rode a horse named Widow-Maker, which no one else could ride. He met his bride, Slue-Foot Sue, when she rode down the Río Grande on a catfish as large as a whale. Though no longer with us, Pecos Bill exists in cowboy folklore as a hyperbole of the endurance, enterprise and other qualities required of cowboys, and this microbox is dedicated to him. It can be found in a West Texas park and swimming hole called The Post, which stands near the spot where Camp Peña Colorado once stood and is known for good birding.

The Post is located five miles south of Marathon. From Hwy 90 across from the Gage Motel, look for Ave D. Park near entrance by 2 granite markers about Fort Pena.

From granite markers, walk east toward the water for about 50 yards to the third wood pole. Turn left (north) and walk 20 steps to where a tall fence ends and a smaller one starts. Turn left (west) again and walk 7 steps along the tall fence to a small pipe (not tall pole) embedded in cement holding a support wire. Camo microbox is between the cement and the fence under rocks and leaves. Please re-cover well.